Lyrics for Mother Mary's Music from Heaven

By Dorothy Lee Fulton

Lyrics for Mother Mary's Music from Heaven - Lyrics to over 30 of the songs that Mother Mary delivered to Dorothy Lee Fulton, Messenger of Music. Looseleaf.

Mother Mary's Music from Heaven lyrics

Table of Contents

Angels' Song at Twilight
Archangel Michael, Step Through the Veil
Ava Maria (Meditation)

Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh!
Come, Holy Dove I (I Come a Supplicant)
Come, Holy Dove II (I AM That I AM)
Come, Holy Dove III (Visioins of the Ascension)
Decree Ruby Ray

Great Divine Director
Hail! Alpha and OMega, Welcomd to Our Tabernacle
Hail! El Morya
Heros and Amora, Come!
I AM Astrea

I AM Uzziel
Lanto's Prayer
Lord Maitreya
Lovely Lady Venus
Lullaby, Angel Eyes

March of the Fiery Seraphim
Melchizedek (A Song of Praise)
Mighty Victory
O God, Thou Art So Magnificent

Our Love to Helios and Vesta - A Call to Light
Our Prayer to Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun
Padma Sambhava
Sanat Kumara Calls "Become the Christ"

Serapis Bey
Shiva (Call to Shiva)
Song of Moses
Three Kings