Music of the Spheres, Vol. 2

Mother Mary's Music from Heaven

Mother Mary's Music of the Spheres

Inspired Instrumental Music

Dorothy Lee Fulton ~ Messenger of Music
Cosmic Portals Choir

The Music of the Spheres is inspired by the lives and teachings of all the saints of East and West who have walked with God and ascended back to Him. These melodies come from the heart of the Ascended Masters, who would step through the veil to speak to us of love, of hope, of peace and of divine glory.

Each piece of music was received by Dorothy Lee Fulton, Messenger of Music. They bring healing and comfort to the soul, and remind us of the promise of a golden age. May these notes enfold you, bless you and uplift you as you begin this journey.

Mother Marys music of the spheres

Mother Marys music of the spheres

The Angels' Song at Twilight

Seraphic Meditations

Lanto, Lead Us To Shamballa Again

Nada, Rose of My Heart