Beloved Amoghasiddhi

Excerpt from a Dictation

"We, the Five Dhyani Buddhas, come all together, invoked many times over by the devotees of this Community throughout the world, to express full gratitude for your calls, your offering of our seed syllables and your entering our names in a number of preambles to your decrees. By so doing, you have brought us closer to the earth and her evolutions than we have been in many, many centuries.

By our intercession through you, we may accelerate the secret-ray spheres of your Causal Body and we may bring you to that place of equanimity wherein you are not moved by this side or that side, this news or that news or whatever may come your way to blast the image of the organization or any of its members.

In the way of the Dhyani Buddhas, then, we have come, as you might sense, in the minor keys that bring resolution and allow the soul to enter into resolution with the major keys.

So, beloved, sound as you hear it in the music of the spheres that has penetrated the pores of your mind allows you to gain entry into higher octaves. Thus God has sent certain composers into this world who have heard the inner sound, those who in other lifetimes have been initiates of the Buddha and therefore by sound alone have transmitted to earth the wavelengths of the Buddhic Mind.

Thus, through the world's great music, many have experienced the higher wavelengths and been transformed without any knowledge of the teachings of the Buddha, per se.

Now understand how the fallen ones have attempted to drown out this great sound that you have heard. They have come with their amplifiers and their synthesizers, and they have determined to create sounds that will shatter the matrices of the music of Light.

This is the scourge of hell that has come upon the generations of the young throughout the earth, as technology has transmitted to every nation with the speed of light the vibrations of satanic rock and diabolical music, such as rap music and other degradations that strip the chakras of young children of their virgin light.

Recognize, then, that there is no greater power than the power of sound, as you have been told. Sound has been used in the creation of worlds and sound has been used in the sinking of continents. That is why we stress your use of the mantra and your recitation of the mantra in the secret chamber of the heart.

For the momentum of that heart of Light who is tied to the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood, who recites the mantras of his choice, can neutralize discordant sounds and rhythms throughout the earth that are destroying the minds, the hearts, the chakras, the sacred fire of so many who have come to embody upon earth with such high hopes of accomplishing their calling in God yet have been steered out of the straight and narrow way by peer pressure.

I bid you, then, be profoundly concerned with the plight of the youth of the world. I know that many of them cannot be reached any other way than through the profound and powerful prayers of you who nurture all life through the womb of the Divine Mother."

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 37 No. 9, Feb 27, 1994. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Copyright ©1995 Church Universal and Triumphant. All rights reserved. Used by permission.