Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Following a Dictation by El Morya

"Let us sing Lanello's Excelsior, song 513A. This is the music of the home of the Mother, which is the heart of the Mother. This is the causal body of Lanello, who will bring all evolutions of these two hemispheres into a higher and more exalted state. Let us meditate on the heart of Lanello and his all-encompassing love for all of us, from the least unto the greatest. Please tie your heart flame to his heart flame, because he has said many times that he will help you as long as you hang onto the thread of contact. So let us sing song 513A, and you can give your fiats first. [Audience gives fiats. Song 513A, “Lanello’s Excelsior,” sung lx.]

"We thank our beloved Dorothy Lee Fulton for bringing forth this most beautiful music for us. It enables us to go into the octaves of light easily and freely whenever we would commune with God and the angels."

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 44 No. 51, Dec 23, 2001. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Copyright ©2001 Church Universal and Triumphant. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The song Lanello’s Excelsior, brought forth by our messenger of music, encapsulates the soul of Mark L. Prophet. (Mark used the pen name Lanello, which he later took as his Ascended Master name after he attained union with God through the ritual of the ascension on February 26, 1973.) It is a sweet and gentle melody set to words from a dictation. The haunting minor key of “Greensleeves,” Lanello's keynote, is woven through the second half of the piece and leaves us with the call from Lanello's heart to Come to the Home of the Mother, the One. The words and music, enhanced by the orchestration and by the performance of the Church Universal and Triumphant Choir, take us to the soul level of Lanello, allowing him to step through the veil and touch our hearts as no one else can.

In this piece we greet Lanello with the angelic salutation "Hail!" It is a greeting you will often hear exchanged between angels on the heavenly highways. And so we sing, "Hail, Lanello!" and then, “The world awaits thy coming,” followed by the well-known and oft-repeated fiat of Archangel Michael, "Charge, charge, charge and let Victory be proclaimed!" Because Lanello stands next to us as we sing, we internalize something new and special each time we sing to him. We gain a sense of co-measurement with him and, through him, with our Mighty I AM Presence.

So whenever you sing this song, whisper sweet calls to Lanello during the interludes. For example: "Lanello, reveal my soul to me and show me how I can bring my soul to wholeness and maturity in preparation for my becoming the Bride of Christ."

If we cannot see the Masters, if we cannot hear the Masters, if we cannot converse with the Masters, if we do not know how to consciously walk and talk with the Masters on the path of life, there is one thing we can do: We can go to the heart of the music inspired by the hosts of the LORD and many qualified musicians on earth who serve on the Fifth Ray of Truth, Science, Healing and Music and follow that music back to the heart of the Masters.

Yes, we can follow it back to the heart of the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, the Archangel Raphael and the Blessed Mother Mary, the angels of music and the All-Seeing Eye of God, and the Ascended Masters serving on the Fifth Ray with Hilarion. We can go to the heart of the music and follow it back to our own souls, to our Holy Christ Self and to our beloved I AM Presence."

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 38 No. 29 p. 280, July 2, 1995. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Copyright ©1995 Church Universal and Triumphant. All rights reserved. Used by permission.