Listening Angel

Excerpt from a Dictation

A Profound Necessity for Transmutation Now

"The quality of life on earth will determine the quality of the next dispensation. That quality of life, beloved, must be improved now. For if we are to bring into the new age those who have brought with them the untransmuted baggage, that age will be weighted down before there is anyone to place their footprints on the highway that takes one all the way through Aquarius.

"So, understand this: there is a profound necessity for transmutation now. And when you give the violet flame, it should be with a great cause of rejoicing that you can do something about it, that your fiats go forth and that you are mitigating world weight as you go.

"I ask you, then, to sing with me a lullaby as I sing this lullaby to the hearts of all people, no matter how light or how dark. For we, the angels, hold the immaculate concept for all. And we pray that by our ministrations many souls will finally let go of darkness and enter light and never look back. And may these very souls be the example to those throughout the world who have dallied in darkness and now have a final opportunity to come Home.

"Sing, then, with me the lullaby." [Song 309, "Lullaby, Angel Eyes," sung once.]

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 45 No. 32, August 11, 2002. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Copyright ©2002 Church Universal and Triumphant. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Lullaby, Angel Eyes

Verse 1:

Lullaby, lullaby, Angel Eyes
It’s sleepy time again.
Lullaby, close your eyes, Angel Eyes
So, let the dreaming begin.

Verse 2:

Say goodnight to the toys on the floor
It’s sleepy time again.
Very soon you’ll return
When sleepy time is o'er.
So, let the dreaming begin.


Floating on a rainbow
Catch a falling star
See the angels hov'ring just to be
Near where you are.

(Repeat Verses 1, 2 and Refrain)