Mother Mary

Excerpt from a Dictation

"Therefore in this hour, beloved, I, Mary, hierarch of the musicians of the Fifth Ray, serving with Cyclopea, Elohim of music, and Virginia, serving with all those who embody that Emerald Matrix, we have chosen to honor this day one among you who has been the vessel for so much light and contact with the Hierarchy. I call to the altar now Dorothy Lee Fulton.

"Beloved Dorothy, I, Mary, receive you to my heart. Come and take my hands.

"I transfer to you from my Causal Body of Light the healing ray, the healing ray of the light and sound ray. I anoint you to bring forth music for the healing of souls, the healing of wrong desire, the healing of misuse of the power of thought and the power of feeling, the strengthening of the membrane of the vessels of Light.

"I transfer an increment of my Diamond Heart and give you angels of protection against astral entities that have burdened you and astral substance around you. They form a ring of light.

"I, Mary, desire that you should bring forth this music under the direction and the call of the Messenger and with the support of the musicians of my staff, for they are worthy and they have moved onward in their celebration of my flame.

"Thus, let the mandala of music now be close and defend therefore this great calling, for it is assailed by every fallen one upon earth who hold the earth hostage to their diabolical music and sounds, sounds you have not heard, for we have sealed them in hell – the sounds of their voices, the sounds of demons crackling and mocking in their sensuality.

"Yes, beloved, pray that these sounds not be unleashed. You think you have heard the worst, but there is far worse that has been held back by the decree of the Lightbearers and the singing of songs.

"Therefore the mantle of protection is given. This entire dispensation of music comes under the mantle of the Messengers, sponsored by all of us. Let there be a closeness and a love and a harmony betwixt you all as you come from the outer court to the inner court and now turn your attention to the spiritual sounds that must be released. For I, Mary, tell you that unless they be released we will not have the wherewithal to save the souls that could be lost in physical embodiment or on the astral plane.

"All of this comes forth because the one, the two and the few have had a victory over the fallen one in the garden of God in a mystery school. And therefore a statement is made and a strength is given. May all support this, beloved, by going after that moment of the fall and binding that fallen one and the dweller. Your Messenger will instruct you, beloved.

"Thus by the power of the Emerald Matrix, I am sealing this servant of God who comes from angelic realms. May you know what a priceless gift you have in your midst and pray for the fulfillment of the calling of all musicians and those who are to come, those who will hear this dictation and know that it is time that they take their place in this mandala and contribute to this stream of new music that shall surely usher in the Golden Age of Aquarius if you are faithful to this call.

"I AM Mary of the Diamond Heart of Omega. It is finished."

Mother Mary. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Copyright ©1995, 2000 Church Universal and Triumphant. All rights reserved. Used by permission.